Brighton, Hovercrafting

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Looking for an activity in the beautiful Sussex countryside which has the elements of speed and flight? Well VIP have the perfect activity for you! A great day out on your stag or hen weekend in Brighton!

With top of the range Marlin hovercrafts, powered by impressive 896cc engines. These superb machines fill with air and you'll find yourself ready for take off. The machines are easy to control but you'll need all your concentration to stay afloat.

With a specially designed hovercraft track, which is perfect especially if conditions are wet underfoot! These Incredible machines have no brakes so be prepared for the ultimate adrenaline rush!  

 VIP Includes

we require a minimum group size of 2 people to run our Hovercrafts for 30 minutes or 4 guests for a 1 hour session.

You need to be at least 17 to use the hovercrafts.

Due to health and safety restrictions you can’t race the Hovercrafts. For groups of 1-5 you will receive 1 Hovercraft, for groups of 6-12 you will receive 2 Hovercrafts. There is a maximum of 2 hovercrafts allowed on the track at any one time run in a ‘chase me Charlie’ formation.

Hovercrafting is our wet activity and runs parallel to rage buggies, which is our dry activity. So if weather conditions take a turn for the worse and we deem it necessary, we may have to change your activity. However, we always do our best to keep you on your original experience if heath and safety restrictions let us.

We recommend you check the weather as sometimes waterproofs are needed and you can get quite wet flying along our hovercraft track! We have a small stock of waterproofs that can be purchased on arrival should this be required.

Price Per Person £54