Brighton, Escape Rooms

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Have you got what it takes to Escape? Pit your wits against your mates to see who can crack the puzzle first. Great way to spend an afternoon on your stag or hen weekend in Brighton!

VIP love having stag or hen groups, so no need to pretend you’re a work do here! A great way to warm up before the drinking. We currently have four rooms open and can accommodate up to 27 people. Split into teams and try and beat the others time or keep it friendly. Either way, you’ll have a great time with us before the big day.

VIP Includes 

  • 5 Amazing themed escape rooms
  • 1 hour to Escape
  • Introduction and explanation of the game  
  • teams of 6 split across the different rooms depending on group size

Price per person £25 

Minimum group size 6